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Here is an overview of CDs, which were published on the internet resources and magazines Rovesnik, Downtown, Music Box, Ogonek and others in the period from 1995 to 2003.

Air :: «Moon Safari»

Source Caroline Records 1998

Completely unexpected and absolute pleasant surprise has presented well known American label CAROLINE. A debut album MOON SAFARI of a youth duet from France AIR. In structure NICOLAS GODIN and JEAN BENOIT DUNCKEL. In the beginning 96 years they have written down (as wrote a magazine MUZIK) " magic single " MODULOR MIX. 
And here after two years have decided(solved) to fascinate the fans(amateurs) melancholic moods and old analog engineering high-grade, as a matter of fact, first album. In the musical attitude MOON SAFARI is a mix (rather pleasant on taste) COSMIC DISCO, receptions early KRAFTWERK, POTRISHEAD and GENTLE PEOPLE. 
Rather equal and in a measure " near-pop " an album which is not applying on that — That over new, faster on the contrary - nostalgic quiet and sad, album, which certainly is pleasant to the admirers of the set forth above projects. Tool minimalism (analog keyboard 70-s', the elementary electrical guitar with the minimal processings), pleasantly painted by almost gentle vocal parties), with simple, but with the large taste, arrangements will not cause delight selectors of experiments and avant guarde, but is high-grade can like much, irrespective of musical predilections. 

Amberdelic Space II :: «Angel Of Ecstasy»

Dressed To Kill 1997

DRESSED TO KILL — Young British label, is pleased confidently collecting industrial and creative revolutions. The company "was distinguished" per 96 years, by managing to unit on the compilation AMBERDELIC SPACE 4CDs SET practically on 90 percents(interests) of "pearl" from the category modern and Dub Ambient.
In 1997 there is second, too 4CDs SET, under the name AMBERDELIC SPACE II. 
Continuing the series so seriously which has declared on of the collection, the second compilation undoubtedly concedes (and still as!) the first edition. First of all, the general stylistic concept - not only on each disk is lost, but also as a whole — The works from boundary, but nevertheless, nevertheless of different modern currents, as to a floor industrial Ambient, Goa Trance, Dub Ambient and frank traditional trance are submitted. 
On my sight, from four CD’s safely it is possible "to collect" a maximum two. Among the most interesting collectives and projects on the collection are submitted GREEN LIGHT, FLUID, HAWKWIND, OPTIC EYE, OPTICA, LOOP GURU, BUT for the obscure reasons, most interesting are submitted not of their time works. 

Ashra :: «Sauce Hollandaise»

Manikin Records 1998

Up to the end not absolutely I understand, how many domestic fans untraditional (in this case of Electronic Music) are not familiar almost with creativity of German collective ASHRA TEMPEL. 
The creativity of this project deserves not smaller attention, than basic working persons of a modern electronic stage. Two words about the past. The collective was created at the beginning of 70-s' Klaus Schulze. 
The leader of ASHRA fully and for ever has become guitar player and electronic-man in combination, man — Legend on a name MANUEL GOETSCHING. As well as Klaus Schulze, Goettsching  honour to be embodied for ever in gallery of stars of musical art — His figure exposed on a general review in the Tokyo Museum of Waxen Figures.
 During many years Goettsching with “electric brothers” (which varied in group rather seldom) preached ideas of Space Music, using thus not only electronics, but also such the rather widespread musical tool, as an electroguitar. In particular, standard sequencer’s party (it is usual keyboard) Goettsching executed on a guitar.
Last album — Is concert record of "alive" performance on a last year's international festival of electronic music KLEM — DAG in Holland. Despite of the statement manager of Klaus Schulze Klaus D. Mueller, that a new album a little boring, I dare from the party to tell something diametrically opposite — On my sight it is the best album of ASHRA, which they when — Or wrote down. Standard traditional Goettsching’s style, probably, a little has recovered and the new participant of the project has embellished, somebody on a name STEVE BALTES, which harmoniously has joined group the last year. It is necessary only to add, that not look. on the previous limited edition under the name THE PRIVATE TAPES, the album SAUCE HOLLANDAISE officially is considered as the first concert album of group. And one more curious detail — This album has left to the public after nine-years silence of ASHRA.

Hector Zazou :: «Sahara Blue»

Crammed Disc 1992

We pass to sweetly. Actually it was impossible to name music HECTOR ZAZOU perhaps, never = sweet =. 
If you always considered, that in France there is only one representative electronic sound performing Jean Michel Jarre - that you, unfortunately, were mistaken. The tireless unordinary experimenter, founder of the new musical forms and emotional spaces HECTOR ZAZOU. Famous of the project 92 years, which was published under the name = SAHARA BLUE =. 
This work shakes not only musical material, but also quantity of the representatives of "clever" music, which in him took part. I shall name some names: 
As you can see, set more than impressing. Yes, has not overlooked nearly, this work, certainly, conceptual and is based on the same poem Arthur Rembo. The greatest meaning in this project I have allocated directly itself Zazou and French electronic duet LIGHTWAVE. Just due to diligence by this triangle the album has that inimitable, electro-acoustic atmosphere, which is so strict, as well as is mysterious. 
Minimalistic arrangements on a background of an electrical atmosphere are perceived is underlined elegantly and “thinking”. On my sight, this international project was event of year, year 92, about which, alas!, the world of professional musical journalism as has kept silent. Welcome in the illusory world of light-blue sand. 

Klaus Schulze :: «Moondawn» 

Manikin Records 1995

Not so for a long time on change scratched vinyl has come silent laser compact  disk. Let's not reason on advantages and lacks of that and other carrier of a sound, and only we shall tell, that, unfortunately, the general(common) musical picture with blamed authentically is far from being always and precisely was transferred on CD. 
Many from you, obviously, have passed a way of disappointment, when have met with Metronome’s edition this legendary SCHULZE's an album on CD. Certainly, in the event that earlier you heard the original version of this record on LP. 
In comparison with the original (LP), the previous version CD was as though ineptly remixed and had new additional parties, that has resulted in significant loss of general capacity and power of compositions. By the way, why it has taken place, honourly speaking, for me till now remains by a riddle. Some years back producer, manager of KLAUS SCHULZE, Klaus D. Mueller, on my question "why"? has given a rather exact and unequivocal explanation: - foreman the tape was lost and consequently SCHULZE remixed music of this album, partially by adding strings and imitation of a vocal party. 
At the same time, other question in itself arose: why it was impossible instead of the foreman of a tape to use ideal vinyl LP, which with pleasure could be given by some collectors and friends Schulze? The atmosphere mysterious is strengthened with words printed in the booklet new CD, new, on a promo-sheet, where appears, that for this record the tape from archive Klaus D.Mueller was used the foreman: "The original record of 1976 has not any reductions, additional sounds and remixes".
It is interesting, where this the foreman a tape was earlier? But, anyway, the original record 76 years has appeared on CD and this event pleases of all admirers great master. Though, obviously, is far from being all wishing I can put this album in collection: 'MOONDAWN' has left 1000 copies are to the public insignificant in small circulation - only. If you did not hear this work earlier - is sure, will be in delight. One of the most significant projects of the composer from Gold Electronic Epoch.

Mushroom :: «Alive And In Full Bloom»

Inbetweens Records 1998 

Small Dutch city Tillburg. Words from songs of a legendary team of a new wave ONLY ONES. Well-known American electronic-man Patrick O'Hearn. Newborn musical collective from San Francisco. All this disappears under the name of group MUSHROOM.
Dutch new label has decided to take to itself the name from words songs of known collective ONLY ONES. The first album, which they have decided to let out (for the obscure reasons), there was a first debut album just of arisen project from solar California MUSHROOM. In structure of this tool ensemble I see a name of the known representative of electronic music Patrick O'Hearn. 
But even more I am surprised, when I put this CD in a player and I include a sound... 
If you sometime heard music of this composer (perhaps, most successful and sensational album « Eldorado » 1988), you is high-grade to divide my uttermost bewilderment … And delight! It is simple alive, constantly varying, a musical fabric, which during several minutes creates illusion, that you listen to «Agharta» Miles Davis, then FAUST, then KING KRIMSON of a sample 70-th, then … 
To compare, perhaps, there is nothing. I even have made a small break before to continue the further study of SUCH material. Incredible! My surprise almost has passed, when I have got acquainted with structure working under this name. Let to present,
Snake quitar –Robert Fripp’s protege Erik Pearson;
Keyboards – keyboard’s wizard Graham Connah, that which worked with numerous well-known structures as Eugene Chadbourne, MONKS OF DOOM and Mr. Bungle;
Drums - drummer, Mr. Mixer and foreman sequencer’s loops, composer from the world of electronic music (already in the past? …) Patrick O'Hearn;
Bass - known session’s bass guitar player Alec Palao.
And on one of compositions in group there are two significant characters: jazzy guitar player Alex Candelaria and bass guitar player Kurt Statham (someone is possible knows this man on structure FUCK'S KYLE STATHAM). To add there is nothing more. It is necessary simply to listen to it. 

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