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Here is an overview of CDs, which were published on the internet resources and magazines Rovesnik, Downtown, Music Box, Ogonek and others in the period from 1995 to 2003.

Peter Mergener :: «Instinctive Traveller»

BSC Music Prudence

PETER MERGENER. The German composer who has appeared on an electronic stage per 84 years in structure of the well known today duet SOFTWARE. Since 91 years began the solo career, continuing to cooperate with MICHAEL WEISSER in the project SOFTWARE.
If simply to tell, that the next work Mergener was simply next, that, I am afraid, many from knowing would accuse me in ignorance. That’s why I not dare about this album to tell simply "next". Faster first, first album from weakest and I think, not the best of works of the composer.
One of not the best of the tendencies of creativity of this musician (as, however and creativity SOFTWARE) has become found by him many more years back specific timbres colouring and manner of use sequence’s loops, which it is easy for steel well-known by the card and after the expiration of time simply of steel identical. The given work — Is concert record of alive performance Mergener on the next international festival KLEM — DAG in Holland. In this case together with him three German musicians worked: CARSTEN SCHNELL (violine, keyboards) — Actor of the company BSC MUSIC, INGO VON WENZLAWOWICZ (drums), ACHIM ELSEN (electric quitar) — Both names emerge on electronic scene for the first time.
Typical Mergener, unfortunately, beginning to lose old appeal and suffering musical — Ideological repetitions, alas. 

Project Two :: «Space Groove» 2CD

DGM 9801 1998

Old man are even alive and to die are not going. Just such words came to me in a head after the first listening of this double album talented madman and basic working persons legendary KING KRIMSON. It is the second project of the musicians, which is formed as a subgroup of KRIMSON. If you remember, first child was named PROJECT ONE and the second attempt of this project differs only by structure of the musicians, among which are:
ROBERT FRIPP - guitar,
TREY GUNN - touch guitar, guitar synth.
As against the First Project, album SPACE GROOVE 100% a studio album. The musical material is not presented of any surprises - by(with) you receive what expected from the project Robert Fripp, namely: the insight which has been wrapped up passages and guitar reeves, raging mix of moods and musical phrases skilfully mixed with fairylike improvisations, there is enough good almost nostalgic by melodies causing nervous fabric of a pulsing musical cloth. A strong stylish album, which will deliver pleasure to the old and new admirers of talent “crazy guitar player” on a name Robert Fripp. 

 Steve Jolliffe :: «Omni»

Horizon Music 1997

In structure of group TANGERINE DREAM with 1968 on 1971 there was somebody on a name STEVE JOLLIFFE. In 1978 Steve a CYCLONE again has returned to group but only on time of record of an album and has taken part in the large European round TANGERINE DREAM. With 79-th the solo work of the composer begins. In that 79-th STEVE sells all synthesizers and writes down a rather strange album THE BRUTON SUITE, using for record it is exclusively(extreme) tools of the 16-th century. After that not successful experiment JOLLIFFE again has returned to electronics, than successfully is engaged and till today.
"I very much love classical music, - speaks STEVE, - is especial music of the period baroque. 
But by own experiments I was convinced, that Electronics is a more accessible and clear way for realization of my musical ideas".
JOLLIFFE has written down already more than 20 albums, 8 of which have received a wide recognition of an electrical public. In his(its) arsenal the computers & synthesizers and a lot every possible traditional and electronic wind instruments.
Last album maestro OMNI once again shows what interesting there is, in some sort, out-of-date and primitive, so-called, sequencer’s music. 
Obviously, all depends on the one who and AS programs these most sequencers. On an album three compositions are submitted which carry traditionally — meditative character and are executed in a manner of classical electronics 70-s'. Bright, impulsively and the energetically sated track DRIFT is pleasant not only admirers of old Berlin school, but also modern young fans(amateurs) technocratic of electronics 90-s'. 
The album OMNI can be considered as logic continuation of penultimate concert work ZANZI; on the other hand, this work shows that former Tangerine’s the Dreamer, one of few old masters by the Synthetic universe, which does not cost on a place, which that really progresses and if not fountain, at least, simply gives rise to new musical ideas. Last two albums almost have reserved his scenic image and obvious image demonstrate, that maestro is relentless  gone forward and his creative potential somehow has received the second breath. Bravo! 

Ywis :: «Leonardo's Dream» 

Si Music 1995 

Modern art rock safely exists in many European countries, but as most active it is possible to name France, England and as it is strange Holland. 
The Dutch collective YWIS has appeared in 80-th. This project was widely known in Europe and in the basic group acted on concert platforms and clubs, known fate, but has found time to write down only unique album per 82 years and in 85-th has broken up. Then after there are a lot of years the Dutch firm SI MUSIC has decided to republish this album on CD so to tell, that the people should remember and knew, that when that for a long time there were people, which referred to as YWIS and played very attractive àðò fate. CD has left per 93 years.
4The reaction of the students and professionals to this old to work has appeared unexpectedly rough and inspired such attention, the musicians have decided(solved) to renew the creative way. Thus per 95 years, the collective YWIS again has appeared on light in old structure and has written down the second album "Leonardo's Dream".
As well as the majority modern art rock collectives, YWIS to some extent sins parody and transformation of classical musical ideas legendary 70’s. Nevertheless, equal, the rather attractive new album juicy arrangements and workshop by game of the musicians can to you remind something up to a pain familiar... 
And on the other hand, you will hear unexpected, bright transformations melodies of melodically lines and unpredictable original phrases. Not super a novelty, but, I am afraid, unknown release for the majority. 

Zoar :: «Cassandra»

Dark Age Music 1993

If you love serious music - this album for you. Ordinary-looking, about anything, actually, speaking about nothing the art design of inlay of this CD, actually hides a worthy musical material. So it has turned out, that among new albums I have opened this CD in the latest turn (and still speak, that the registration means …) a little. Little-known New York’s underground group ZOAR hands over to the most experienced student examination in compatibility dark soundtracks and Pink Floyd’s thoughtful, guitar phrases, which have hung in air; classical generosity and atmospheric of a deepening in the world heavy rainy of moods… 
The interesting debut album of this project is unexpected has deserved of worthy attention, as not each young group will receive honour to let out an album on joint venture itself Phillip Glass (POINT MUSIC is label, created Phillip Glass and POLYGRAM). Drama events of film for yours ears without the  film. When on yours CD-player will begin to sound ZOAR - you will see this melancholic, touching, a little dark foggy film … Seriously and beauty…

Sty Wars 

:: «A Collection of Pork Medallions» 

Pork Recordings 1998

The musical aesthetics of this collection 100% continues traditions it dear British label. Quiet, measured music in style ambient and dub ambient with easy smack acid jazz can not like only at whom extremely aggressive musical predilections. 
On compilation the standard set «pork’s» of the actors, among which already for a long time recommending itself the leaders of streamline movement as BULLITNUTS, AKOTCHA, FILA BRAZILLIA, THE SOLID DOCTOR is submitted. Such impression, that the musical forms modern about electrical directions as a whole are gradually displaced in the party of unpersuasive beauty, all further being discharged from monotonous 160 beats per minute, even more often recollecting about that that in music sometimes too should be certain musicality. Musicality and melodically in modern tones - here, perhaps, brief characteristic of this compilation. 

Steve Roach & Vidna Obmana

:: «Well Of Souls»

Projekt Records 1995 

Two it is enough known of the foreman of space Half-industrial ambient, founders of mysterious  atmospheric images and spaces. American composer STEVE ROACH and his Belgian collegue on the electronic weapon DIRK SERRIES (VIDNA OBMANA). Double The album " WELL of SOULS " represents by itself magnificent Atmospheric oratory which lowers us on  well of Our own soul. I do not want to be categorical in  Judgements, but dare to tell, that power of this music Penetrates in you at a level of ubconsciousness irrespective of yours  Desires. 
Your real feelings and sensations of three-dimensional  The spaces are gradually dissolved in fluctuations. Hi-tech and fantastic sounds real feeling of time also vanishes and space. It not "music" in habitual understanding it  Words; it is faster form of transfer of an atmosphere, of half-erased,  Visions and images, which allow your soul to find   Space scales also will direct in immense open spaces   Time and space, where has mixed up past and present,  Reality and fiction, your imaginations, representation and dream. 

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